Chanel classic flap 2.55

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Aug 30, 2008
I'm not familiar with the price of these much am I looking at to get one and where is the best place to buy one (i.e. which country and how do I get in touch with a Chanel store overseas to purchase one).

I want a black one and am wondering if it comes in patent leather as well?

Can anyone help? I had thought of buying a fake but that's only because I don't have much of clue about how much the real ones are!


May 15, 2008
Hi Mchanelou. Welcome to tpf :smile: This is a great forum and you can find out so much information here by doing a search via the blue bar above. Click on "search tpf" and you can type in key words related to what you want to know about. OMG, you will find so much information there. It's amazing. Try it out. It's great. Sorry I wasn't much help with your questions, but I think you can find all the answers using the "search tpf" option. Have fun and enjoy the forum:smile: It is such a great resource.
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