Chanel Classic Coin Caviar

  1. Does anyone have a pic of this bag? My mother is overseas in Dubai and is going to get me this bag. I don't have a pic yet but I am hoping she will send it to me. She told me it was black caviar leather with burgandy leather lining. Can anyone tell me if there is such a bag and what it looks like? This was all the info I got from her and she said it was a tote. Please let me know. I really appreciate all you ladies input;)
  2. There is one in lambskin at Boutique South Coast Plaza. It's not tote. It's a little bigger than card holder and a bout half thick of wallet. It's burgundy lining but not in leather. I've never seen caviar with burgundy leather lining in any bag.
  3. Do you mean the Medallion tote?
  4. It could be the medallion but I seen it here only in black leather lining