Chanel classic black jacket pre fall 2016

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  1. After 6 yrs of waiting. Chanel finally made a classic black jacket. I just bought from Saks and Neiman called me too. It's a size 38, 4800. Serious buyer pm for SA info. Couldn't find a pic so I show a similar one from 2008.

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  2. Another picture from 2016 fall runway. Same jacket in black. 4 pockets and button down

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  3. It's beautiful
  4. You mean this one right?

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  5. Love it!!
    Congrats for your purchase!
  6. I am really intrigued with this jacket!
    Am keen to find out more and hope to see more pics coming! : )
  7. looks a little longer than some other traditional jackets, which I really like.
  8. There are a lot more pics on the wardrobe sub-forum.
  9. Thanks for pointing this out Bibi!
    You're like my chanel deity : D guiding me in chanel world!!!

    Checking it out now!!
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  10. Hi!
    Please post all stick/finds in the existing sticky threads.

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