Chanel Classic Bag Zipper


Mar 3, 2019

I recently purchased a Chanel Classic bag in jumbo from someone and had it authenticated by someone who works at Etinceler since they were inspect the bag in person with me in Los Angeles, where I live.

They found the bag to be suspicious since the marking of the inside of the zipper is off. When looking at all Chanel classic bags, the inside of a EP zipper has a number 2 or 3 marking or a $ sign.

My bag has a stamp "N2" on the bag which has never been seen before. Please see photos of the zipper on my bag.

Chanel zippers have been quite consistent over the decades depending on the bag with a 3.

Classics double flaps uses EP or YKK. But from our extensive research of looking at every bagsIt is consistent for classic double flaps and reissue double flaps. It is about the size. Gauge 2 mainly for nylon bags. N means nylon zipper.

Has anyone seen a N2 on their authentic bag?


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