Chanel Christmas Packaging 2019

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  1. Has anyone already seen how the christmas camelias and ribbons will be?

    I am so curious every year! and can’t wait to see this year’s christmas packaging.
  2. nothing yet?
  3. In my country Australia, it usually starts from 12th Dec.
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  4. Me too can’t wait for this year’s Christmas wrapping
  5. looking forward to seeing it :girlsigh:
  6. Here it is!! I prefer last year ones though :S

  7. Thank you!!!
  8. I missed last years packaging - we went to the boutique Jan 2nd, and by then they were gone. This year I will get to the boutique during the holiday period, but I am not too excited about this years packaging. I buy most of my bags and accessories at Neimans, so I don’t often get the shopping bags anyway. Oh well!