Chanel Christmas Babies


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
It took me a couple of days to take the pictures, but hubby was wonderful as usual:love: . I was able to get a Coco Cabas and then he bought me the Mlle Flap for Christmas. Of course, he tortured me into thinking that he got me a cell phone or some weird tech gadget for Christmas. Without further ado, here are my Chanel Christmas babies! Oops, one more thing: Thanks again for all the ladies who helped me get the Coco Cabas! You know who you are! :heart:


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::waving a fan across her face and hyperventilating::

GORGEOUS! what a great hubby you have. Those bags are both classic (i really know that the Coco Cabas is destined to be a classic, not one or 2 season at all....) I would have to wear them both in same day, like take both of them, put the one you're not wearing at the moment, in trunk of car. Wear one for half the day, then switch. (This is assuming you are having one of those wonderful adult playdays where you are out and about in your car all day :jammin: )