1. So, has anyone seen any good movies recently? :smile:

    My friend told me I should see Changeling, and I saw it with my b/f the other day. I think Angelina Jolie did an amazing job! :nuts: I'm not at all surprised she was nominated for a Golden Globe! Hmm, and I also saw Twilight (twice haha), and while it got better the second time around (I stopped analyzing each and every scene and the discrepancies that pissed me off), IMHO, the book was much, much better! :smile:

    I want to see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button when it comes out, and I'm a huge, huge Leo fan (for almost half my life! :p), so I can't wait for Revolutionary Road (and he was nominated for a Globe too, yay)!:nuts: Ohhh, and I want to see Slumdog Millionaire too... it's supposed to be really good! Ohhh, and everytime I see the Confessions of a Shopaholic trailer, I get so excited haha (I loved every book)! :p
  2. minal - OMG u have such great discipline re the rice. I love the naan and rotis that come with Indian food heheh
    thanks, I love the DS definitely - even DH likes it..
    I'm still crossing fingers on the red :sad: still have not gotten call from SA though it's my fault, I just called him today hahhaha
  3. I love rice, noodles and mashed potatoes (with gravy):nuts:. Anything with carbs has my name on it! I prefer the gym too. I work out at Golds also (do body pump) and also do LA boxing :boxing:
    OK enough workout talk. I'd rather talk about food anyway!
  4. ^^Ohhh, well, if I'm at a restaurant, I can't resist a piece of garlic (you gotta try it!) naan... yum!! :love: My mom makes awesome rotis, but I do resist... although technically, it's pretty healthy... wheat flour, etc. :p I'm actually vegetarian (my whole family happens to be), so I eat a lot of lentils, beans, veggies, etc. I still think I'm Italian haha, because I could live on pasta. :sweatdrop:

    Ohhh, if your DH likes it, you know you picked a winner haha :p... any men in my life would never notice a bag I'm carrying... they all look the same to them! :nuts: Aww, I hope your SA calls you soon... I'm crossing my fingers for you... I'm sure you'll get one! :heart: :flowers:
  5. Thanks Molly, I can always talk about shopping. Tomorrow all of my boxes from Bloomingdales arrive - probably about half the stuff is going back:blush: because I got carried away. I really believe I am done (except for the nanny's gift) and now my DH has to go do his shopping.
  6. Ahh, I love grilled cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, and noodles too!! :nuts: I just try my best to stay away! :p Haha, same here! :sweatdrop: Other than the gym, I love, love belly dancing! :heart: I've been doing it for two months now, and it's so much fun!!! :nuts: Haha, I agree... food is always a better topic! :p

  7. ^^ thanks Minal - have u tried roti canai? my DH loves that and it's kinda fattening i think coz there is ghee in it hahahha

    it's great that u eat so healthy! I really should refrain from all the heavy foods haha

    my SA's store just closed (east coast) and he didnt call so I emailed him..I'm crossing my my mind is filled with images of me carrying the red jumbo with multiple outfits haha (I'm sure u know how it is)

    I really want to :smash: myself!!! thanks for the well wishes though hehe

    on movies, not exactly new, but I saw WALL-E, very cute I thought and I saw Narnia - Caspian Prince, plus Hancock starring Will Smith - all were pretty light entertaining and good :smile:
  8. Carbs are my worst enemy - rice, beans, tortillas, it's so hard living in So. Cal. with all of the awesome Mexican food.
  9. I love McDonalds. There, I said it! LOL!
  10. ^^ hello there! I'm not a huge fan of mexican food hehe but being Chinese, I just eat so much noodles/ rice's my comfort food! carbs are my enemies too haha
  11. ^^Of course! :smile: Hmmm... I don't think I have, but yeah, I'm pretty sure ghee plays a big part in it! :p Everything bad for you tastes soo good! :p

    Well, I try to anyway haha... it's easy to eat badly being a vegetarian, cuz I love cheese and all that stuff... and in the winter, who doesn't like comfort food? :smile:

    Ohhh, okay... I'm sure he'll call tomorrow... no worries! :flowers: Haha, I just had all sorts of outfit thoughts after I saw Kate Walsh carrying hers in a thread! :p

    Aww, I see WALL-E too... my b/f is obsessed with it... it was definitely cute! Ohhh, I didn't see any of those you mentioned... I should rent 'em!

    Mon, I bet you have some amazing restaurants around you, wow! :nuts: I love anything with black beans and cheese. :p Ohhh... what did you get from Bloomies? :nuts:

    Nat - Haha, everyone has their guilty pleasures! :p
  12. I love McDonalds too! Though I love Burger King even better! yummie, this talk of food makes me hungry at midnight...

    Btw I love this off topic thread :smile:
  13. Hey, fellow thread killer!! Big Mac and French Fries are my favorites, but only once a month or so. But I agree, all this talk about food is no good... :nuts:
  14. I am sooo tired of making dinner!!! Just had to vent! Please, DH take me out!!!

    tonight's menu: broiled salmon (olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, parsley
    Rice pilaf (in rice cooker - love those!)
    Snap peas

    How boring!! But at least my kids will eat it!:okay:
  15. I definitely want to see "Slumdog Millionaire" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"! I'm hoping they significantly widen the distribution of Slumdog now that it is receiving so much press and critical acclaim.