1. Haha, I like the way you think, Syma!! :tup:
  2. Minal, that's fantastic! MBA is a great head start and I'm sure you'll find a job easily. Maybe you should go on a trip first and perhaps try management trainee......for say Neiman Marcus or Chanel. Hey, Chanel has an internship program.

    Yep, lifting my kid. I loves to be hug and air lifted and swung around. I'm surprise my back is still intact, but it's great for my upper body strength.
  3. Hi shoogrrl! :smile: Hmm, well for me, it isn't. I actually try to eat fairly healthy on a daily basis, so that helps a lot. Everyday I eat/drink: organic skim milk, a luna bar (the chocolate pecan pie is AMAZING... I swear by these!), egg whites and salad (I make my own dressing with lemon juice/black pepper/oregano/garlic oil). :p Obviously, I eat more than that haha, but those are the things I consistently eat. :smile:

    In high school, I weighed at least 20 lbs more, but I've been the weight I am now since '02! I'm definitely not blessed with a high metabolism... the opposite, in fact. I don't have great genes (lots of heart issues/diabetes on both sides of my family), so fitness/health is really important to me.

    I know (or at least, have read) that it's possible to lose weight just by eating healthy and not working out (or vice versa), but I'd rather eat my chocolate and cheese and work out haha. :p

    Hmm, well, you might have to cut the portion sizes (I find that's really important!) on a few things you eat. I always make sure I take the food I want for dinner, sit down, and never go back for seconds. What's your "poison" food? :p For me, it's chocolate! I eat it every single day! :sweatdrop:

  4. I prefer to work out alone if I'm jogging. Jogging with someone tends to slow me down and my concentration would be talking and not focusing on my workout and breathing. Jogging alone clears my mind so I can solve my problems by talking to myself. :p

    As for the gym,'s a different story. I work out alone and got bored, resulting in quitting before my memberships expired. When it rains and I am unable to jog, I go to my treadmill and stairclimber......reading the Purse Forum. Now, that's a workout. I can do it for 2 hours straight if I can because my mind in on the forum and not the workout. :nuts: I think I just hate exercising machines, so I need to find a way to focus on something else or I'll quit prematurely. I just don't have the patience I guess and I don't like to be confined in a small space when exercising in the gym or at home. Occasionally is fine but not for long term. Jogging, on the other hand, is free to go wherever I want.....sort of like flying.

    If you want to speed up your metabolism and lose weight, try my method: eat small portions every 2-3 hours and stay away from carbs. Carbs are the worst. Trust me, you will lose weight that way and maintain your ideal weight. Metabolism will speed up as well.
  5. :roflmfao: That's so true. Shopping is the best little exercise.
  6. Haha, Syma, that's too funny!! :lol: I gotta say though (minus the kids), I've been there!! Juggling a Chanel bags, lots of shopping bag, and running around trying to take the subway/walk is hard work!! :p

    Aww, thanks Sophie! :heart: Ohhhhhh, really?! :faint: My dream would be to work for Chanel, in a marketing capacity! :girlsigh: I'm probably going to look for jobs in the city, and hopefully move there. :smile: Wow, you must be cut haha :nuts:... my arms are one of my problem areas... maybe I can borrow your kid! :p

  7. Chanel USA is in NY. :yes:

    You can borrow my kid or 2 anytime you're ready and I'll send him or them on their merry way to you. Not a problem at all. They don't require a lot of food, as long as they have their PS2 or Wii. Finally, someone who wants to babysit, lol. :yahoo:
  8. Wow M...congrats on graduating! How exciting! Have you started job searching yet? I think I'd enjoy the holidays first!

    So, you workout 5 days/week? That's great! I try to get to the gym about 4 days/week. I have 2 gym memberships and my husband thinks I'm nuts.:lecture: I wish I could eat as healthy as you. My whole family has such a sweet tooth and I just can't say no to chocolate, cookies or anything sweet. :nogood: That doesn't include my carb addiction either. One of my goals next year is to try to eat healthier. Not so much losing weight, but just to eat a better diet. Easier said then done though!
  9. haha.. i will babysit if you trust me!! lol

    hey.. i heard wii is a good way to lose weight.. but shopping and running to class (yes same story M!) is my only exercise and it shows so much when i go back to burma cause i only get on and out of car in burma and i cant control my weight at alll....

    Minal! have to get back to you.. i know.. been soo busy.. i will in a bit! kk? and BIG CONGRAT on your graduration!! and how do u keep your weight constant since highschool? i want to do that!! lol

  10. Yep! That's exactly what my DS told an effort to convince us to buy one for him. :p
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    Hi Sophie! Ahh, I knew that (my brain is kinda mushy now)! :p Ohhh, I think I'd be playing the Wii with your kids haha! My dad (I nearly died cuz it was so funny/random!) decided we needed a Wii here after seeing my brother's... so in our basement (where we randomly have a dance floor haha), it's Wii central! :nuts: I love Wii tennis... I'm really good at it haha... it's like a drug (haven't played in a long time though)! It's funny, cuz I play Wii tennis like actual tennis... I split step, bounce around, and work up a sweat! I haven't played tennis in so long that it's my easy substitute! :p I think your kids would have fun here! Hmm, and you can pay me with a Chanel bag haha! ;)

    Hi M! Aww, thank you!! :flowers: Well, I have started, but I still need to pass two finals haha, so I've been kinda preoccupied with that! I think I'll do just that! :smile:

    Ohhh, wow, 2 memberships?! That's awesome! Are both gyms really different? I go to Gold's (it's like a small country haha)! :p Wellll... I try to, but lately it's been more difficult to get my butt there five days/week! Haha, ohhh man, I'd fit in with your family! I'm always baking brownies and cookies (I'm trying not to do that so much anymore, cuz I end up eating too many!), and every day I have chocolate! You know the Ghirardelli milk chocolate chip bags (sooo good)!? I always have one around here! My simple dessert is... I take some of the chips, add a little milk and microwave them (stir them after)... then, add a scoop of 1/2 fat extra creamy vanilla from Breyers and prepare to die haha! :p Also, cuz I need milk with anything chocolatey, I have a glass of milk with it! :p

    Carbs are my weakness too... I don't eat much rice at all (which, being Indian, is an anomaly! :p), but there is this amazing pizza place near my gym (how's that for cruel and unusual punishment?!) and I get a slice of the margherita more often than I'd like! :sweatdrop: Plus, we're always going to this amazing Italian restaurant, and I'm addicted to their pasta (bowties with tomato cream sauce... it's out of this world)!! :smile:

    I'm with you (though I do need to drop a few pounds)... much easier said than done!! :p
  12. I'm leaving for vacation shortly so in case I have no access to a computer ----

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

  13. ^ Hi Minal - congrats too!!

    btw, carbs are my weakness too but for me it's RICE!! OMG and noodles! OMG I guess being Chinese, it's pretty typical hahah..I cant do without rice - I think I have to go back to brown rice hahah

    I have put on weight since being married :sad: (I think) I bought an elliptical but hardly use it ! OMG I'm just soooo lazy, maybe listening to all you ladies will inspire me (Not only to buy Chanels but to exercise!) :wlae:

    btw, we're bag twins now, I just got the DS Reissue in 227 hehe

    I'm only belatedly realizing that I like the cruise red so I called my SA only today! OMG - I hope he can work some magic for me :smile:

  14. You mean it's not FREE babysitting?
  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, Sophie! Have a wonderful vacation :tup:

    And don't worry, your house and your Chanel collection will be in safe hands. Just leave the key under the mat for me, please. I'm planning my flight to California as we speak :roflmfao: