1. I have a reissue in size 225 and it can be worn crossbody. I'm 5'2. Look for a seasonal colour that is not too mature. it's also the same price as the medium.
  2. i am very tempted to get reissue in patent since it would look younger, but i love the chain design on classic flap. i think the chain is what makes me want to get a chanel flap. so yea, serious dilemma :wondering
  3. ok ladies... so I have to store several of my designer handbags along with my Chanel in a trunk in my apt because I will be having brokers tramp through my place for the couple of months and I have a lock on the trunk.. I have had stuff stolen out of my place before.. So my question is my trunk is going to be stored in a closet but it won't be air conditioned and I'm a bit concerned what can I put in the trunk with my bags that may prevent smell or if any condensation in case it gets hot.. Any ideas will be great since I'm concerned about my bags being ruined. Only my very expensive bags will be in the trunk because all my others don't fit..
  4. I am new to Chanel, but love love it! I recently bought a pre loved small square black wghw in lambskin classic 1989 from Yoogi's closet. It is bigger than the mini and the smaller boy. You can wear it cross body which I wanted...but I don't love it. I have 30 days to return it but I fear I won't find another good cross body. It is in good shape but it just looks touched up and the gold is very was $1700. thoughts?? I also want the ml double flap cavier with silver. thinking I should return in get that and the eve lv???
  5. if you don't love it, and can return it, do it. the way i see it $1700 is too much to spend on something that doesn't sing for you. even if you have to pay more to get what you love, it's worth waiting for. imho, $1700 saved is part way to a dream bag!

    i'm just learning about the chanel bags, but there seems to be quite a few options for crossbody. i'm in the same boat as you, in that i'm wondering which shall be my first! i'm considering a WOC as a first bag - love crossbody - and the price is very reasonable, but am also wondering if i should just make a jump to a Reissue 226, perfect size and will cross body on me as i'm 5'5 and prefer a crossbody at high hip or waist level
  6. hi ladies i just bought the new large gst and one strap keeps falling off! im getting quite irritated... wanted to know if everyone has these problems and if it gets better... i havent used it yet so maybe if its heavier it will be better but im getting frustrated... any solutions????
  7. Hi closetjunkie, I read that a few has had that problem but it was mentioned that if you overlap one strap over the other it'll help. I had the GST for a few days but decided to return it. Yes it does drop off. HTH. U can check the thread 'The GST Club'. May have info there.
  8. Hi closetjunkie, i have the GST as well and this problem is easily solved by putting the outer strap under the inner strap.also,put heavier items in the back pocket.
  9. Have anyone ever come across a black tag that reads 'chanel sample'? any info? tia:smile:
  10. I'd do a search on here if you can. I've seen threads on that. Some samples are done for press, etc
  11. Hi everyone, i'm new to Chanel and currently looking to get my first classic flap, jumbo black caviar with gold hardware. I'm also thinking of getting a pre-loved one. Does anyone know what year chanel introduced the double flap?
  12. Hi anyone know where I can locate a light pink caviar leather flap, silver hardware. medium size??
  13. I was on the same boat a few week before. I just bit the bullet and bought Classic caviar medium flap in Black with SHW yesterday. (Reissue 226 is still on my wishlist may be in there for a very long long time)

    For me $1700 is still too much for WOC. I know the Classic flap price is more than double that (even more so for your reissue 226). These styles, however, are classic and will be with you forever. I think you can get more use out of reissue than WOC. I can wear mine day/night, both side and crossbody (I'm 5'2", 118 lbs). When I put strap inside, I can get away with it as a clutch too. I know myself if I got WOC first, I wouldn't settle for it. I would still yearn for the classic. That's my 2 cents though.
  14. i'm thinking the same as you, though it's tempting to just buy the WOC and have a Chanel already..but the more I think of it, the more I need to listen to my own advice. Since I have a limited budget - buying a WOC will take $1700 away from my $$$ saved for the bag I really want. I'm going to hold out for a Reissue 226, even if it's preloved...
  15. Good luck in your search. Hope you find your dream bag soon.