Chanel Chicago

  1. i'm planning to get myself a new bag for summer next weekend and was wondering if any of u out there has shopped at the chanel boutique in chicago before. how was your experience and shld i be wary of any SAs? also, do they cary a full range?

  2. Hi! I have shopped there! I LOVE Pamela! Definitely ask for her right away! and there is one SA who I can't remember her name but my DD says is "scary" and she is so right - LOL!!!
  3. thanks for the heads up! i absolutely hate scary/rude SAs. i think its ridiculous to shell out thousands on a bag and have to put up with bad service!
  4. They have remodeled the store. I'd love to hear what you think of it. The previous interior was kind of "cold" feeling I thought.

    Have fun and expect good service--you deserve to receive it.
  5. I have had VERY positive experiences! In fact.. I just posted about mine below. They were ALL very nice to me..and still are..and so far I've only bought one bag. I've gotten 3 beautiful handwritten letters from my SA there. Her name is Megan. Very helpful!

    I plan on going back there hopefully in the next week or so.. (if my darn schedule allows me some shopping time!)
  6. they ave an ok variety
    i was there this past summer
  7. The SA i meet last time was not very responsible for mistakes she made. Be sure to check the bag, the card, the booklet and if it's in the right box before you walk out of the door.
    Also, the have a limited variety.
  8. The SAs at chanel here are really nice. I wouldn't be worried about the visit.
  9. If you don't find what you are looking for at the Chanel boutique. You can also check out what selections they have at Neiman Marcus a few blocks down from the boutique.
  10. they all do
  11. 3 beautiful handwritten letters for only ONE purchase??? :smile:
    (w/ different content inside the letters?)
  12. Really? there's an SA like that in Chicago? hmmm *thinking*
  13. I love the Chanel staff here, I usually shop with Katherine at the main boutique, she can be a little vague at times but she's sweet and helpful. There is another SA who is very nice, young, pretty and has dark hair, I can't recall her name though.

    I do try to shop at the NM Chanel when I can though because there is a SA there called Michael who is amazing, so I always try and give him my business. Unfortunelty the NM Chanel doesn't get nearly as much stock.
  14. I am going there next month and staying downtown, I know there is a boutique and one in NM i believe, how are their stock? I would like to see the Jumbo in Brown, baby cabas (dreaming i know) and the bubble quilt bowler to start, what are my odds?