Chanel Chevron So Black Jumbo - Is it worth the investment?

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  1. Hiii everyone! I really need your opinion and expertise on this one. I came by this beautiful so black Chanel chevron in a jumbo while strolling around the city. I always loved this bag but was not able to afford it back then. It was sitting in the window of a second hand store through where a friend of mine sells his Birkins, whenever he decides they needed rehoming. Condition is good; edges are slightly squashed but one can barely tell and on the one side there is a light scratch. Asking price was 7600.-. Since I am a friend of the friend mentioned above, she offered me 6900.- and when I went to see the bag and she seemed to like me and I was being honest and said that this was a lot of money for me, she offered to sell it for 6800.-. She even reserved it for me, which they normally do not do. I am only building up my collection and this would be my very first Chanel bag. I own a lady Dior in mini in black/gold and am dreaming to one day add an Hermès kelly. Should I take the splurge? Is it worth the investment? I want to be really smart with my purchases.

    Thank you all so much for your time and thoughts! I can not wait to read them!


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  2. That bag is amazing- run, don’t walk and buy that bag. I have a chevron, and I think they are so much “more” than the quilted (sorry quilted lovers)... that combo is super hard to find I believe ? IMO, absolutely worth the money.
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  3. Thank you so much for your response! Def. Agree both quilted and chevron are amazing but always had a little tiny bit more liking to the chevron. That Modelle came out in 2015 and was sold out immediately. I got one more night to sleep over it. Once again appreciate the time you spent giving me your opinion! X
  4. I have this in the classic size and I love it - classic but with a little edge! Just be careful to consider if this particular bag is worth the splurge for a pre-loved piece, or could you get something you love just as much for similar price new from the boutique?
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    I have this bag same size. It's gorgeous and my favourite bag BUT I don't carry it much. The lamb is very soft so I worry about scratching and structure loss. For a first Chanel bag it's not fuss free. It's also expensive and at the time of release was not that much. It was I think 4900 USD without tax - don't quote me on that have a look at some old threads on here (I paid £3450, I am in the UK) so that's a bit of a mark up still for a used bag. But as we say a bag is worth as much as a person is willing to pay. Good luck with your decision.
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  6. It does not matter how much this bag originally sold for. It’s no longer available so it’s not like you can walk in and get it cheaper somewhere else. Chanel prices increase every year. If this is a bag that is difficult to find and you absolutely love it and will use it and adore it, then pay the price. Are you used to medium to large size bags? What is your goal? Do you want a bag that will hold a lot like a tote? Do you want an evening bag? Are you looking for an everyday bag? A work bag? Just craving a Chanel? Does this bag suit a need, even if it’s only shoulder art or for display? Again, I don’t think price is the biggest concern if this has been on your wish list for a long time. It’s not like you are buying it in order to make money. It’s pretty difficult to make money buying and selling handbags.
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  7. Thank you very very much for your message. I know what you mean and I do prefer to buy directly from the store but in this case this won’t be possible since this was a limited edition. One more night to sleep over it until I have to decide.
  8. I have the classic Chanel card holder and actually find that lamb skin is more durable than one would expect. You should def. Carry your gorgeous bag out more often. Thank you so much for taking the time sharing your thoughts! Very much appreciated!
  9. I know lamb is durable, the bigger the bag the more surface area there is to mark or scratch. I have a few Chanel bags. I use this one on occasion but prefer caviar for fuss free use. There are people out there that defo prefer lamb I like it too look at but the dents/wrinkles that this bag was infamous for at the time of release mean that I baby it. Once again happy shopping.
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  10. That's why the PF is great. It's a different strokes for different folks type of thing. I personally wouldn't pay that much more for a used bag even if it was love because I know there will be something else to love round the corner from the brand. There usually is for me. But that's just me. I was obsessed with the torquoise lamb jumbo from 2014 missed it but found this after.
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  11. I recently got a new lambskin chevron jumbo and am in total love! I used to have a caviar jumbo and sold it because it would make my shoulder hurt with all the stuff i lug around but missed the size of the jumbo vs my other bags! I feel like the chevron is a bit more unique than the regular quilting and love how much lighter the lamb is. I do feel like they are charging you a good amount of money but I know that so blacks are so rare that it justifies a higher price tag. I used to want a Kelly which made me feel like maybe I shouldn't be buying Chanels but noticed that I don't think hermes is for me!
  12. Thank you for the very valuable points and questions one should consider. I am very practical, I can walk around with no bag but also enjoy it a lot when I do carry one. I got myself a Dior mini in a metallic black/gold for Christmas that to me is a beautiful evening/everyday bag, so versatile. For traveling I use my personalized monogram weekender from LV in 50. I do not own a black bag and would mostly use during the autumn and winter season, when I tend to wear more darker colors. Size wise it is bigger than i am used to but not to big for my frame. So therefor it would be perfect in my still growing collection. And you are right i am not buying it to resell but I do want to be smart with purchasing such expensive items. Thank you very much for taking your time and the help.

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  13. I have this in the quilted, not chevron, but it is such a unique, beautiful bag. I say go for it!
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  14. I have this in quilted, but I wish I had it in chevron. (Still absolutely love it though.) It's difficult to answer this question subjectively regarding the price, but my answer is that if you know you'll use it and that you can afford it, you should go for it.
  15. Oh wow congratulations! I was surprised myself of how light the bag was. I guess I was just expecting it to be as heavy as the quilted caviar with gold hardware. Online they are not selling under 7300 - 7400.- oh I did forget to mention I am talking Swiss francs so that is already with tax and everything. Back then the asking price was 5500.- USD in Chicago without tax. And consider the exchange rate backt then I am now paying 1000.- CHF more, which that I can live with. I personally love the Kelly just everything about it but wouldn’t buy it in black therefor this would be my only black bag. Thank you so much for your experience and help.
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