Chanel, Channel - Potato, Potahto

  1. Attempt is the key word here. They sure are bad.
  2. Those boots are just sooo wrong....

    Another reason for me to never ever want to buy Steve Madden. I hate how he rips off every designer out there.
  3. hahahhaha
  4. They look like the boots version of the Louboutin for Roland Mouret booties... SM was blatanting ripping them off a while again by apparently doing some photoshop on photos of the RM ones from Net-a-Porter. :rolleyes:
  5. SM shoes are the worst...They fit terribly, make your feet hurt, etc. I have a lot of hatred (and I really don't hate anything) for a style called the "chap".

    They are apparently on his best sellers list, I don't understand why someone would like them?!?!
  6. yeah exactly. attempt is key. they're god awful. i wouldn't wear them if you GAVE them to me. UGH. :yucky:
  7. Oh dear...................
  8. Are you serious? There are actually such shoes being sold in USA? Gross.....:throwup:
  9. Steve Madden shoes hurt my feet. I don't know how anybody wears them.
  10. I have a couple pairs of SM wedge sandals and cowboy boots which are very comfortable. Some of his designs are nice. I can't afford to buy designer bags and shoes (nor do I choose to walk in $500+ shoes that will only get dirty) so look to the less expensive designers for my shoe choices. Many of his shoes/boots are top sellers, so he has his market cornered. I stopped buying his footwear after he went to jail (for tax fraud? not sure what it was exactly, but did not want to feed his bank account after reading about it).
  11. how is he allowed to copy designers styles and get away with it
  12. At the risk of sounding like I have bad taste, I don't think those boots are THAT bad. It's not like people are actually going to think they're Chanel. When it's a real Chanel or Louboutin, you'll know.

    EDIT- Okay, they're that bad. I was thinking of another boot before I clicked on the link. OOPS

    Roey--- was it a rape accusation? I don't think it was a tax fraud charge but I could be wrong and most definitely too lazy to google it. lol
  13. SM always makes look alikes, but I also notice other brands like nine west....awful.:mad:. My DH does not quite get it, why I can only wear Chanel, LV and Gucci shoes,but it is only because they are comfortable...seriously ladies, any other brands make my feet hurt and I only want comfort!
  14. Steve maddens are the worst on my feet (even their alleged higher end brand Steven)

    but, those look really cute and that price can't be beat. its like drugs, temporary satistfaction

    **hides in corner**