1. im going to buy a bag..white expandable chanel or jumbo bordeaux?i already have a black 2.55 medium and a medium reissue in dirty white..i really need an everyday bag...
  2. White is not good for everyday. How about GST?
  3. What about a black or red expandable for everyday?
  4. what is GST?
  5. Grand Shopping Tote. Look in the chanel reference library under misc. chanel bags.
  6. I think that red expandable would be nice..but do you think which one is rare the expandable in whte or bordeaux in jumbo?
  7. i think grand shopping tote is too open for an everyday bag..:smile:
  8. Then PST ;). It has zipper closure.
  9. the zipper closure is only at the middle of the bag right? what color will you pick for the grand shopping tote black or beige?:smile:
  10. The GST would be perfect!!! Black with silver would be my pick! However I love the gold hardware on the beige it looks super classy!
  11. ^yes, the beige gst is a lovely everyday bag!
  12. Oh, I was thinking of different bag. PST does not have zipper closure. The one I am talking about has zipper closure the whole main compartment. Reference library may have photo of this model. I'll check for you. I don't like black big bag but for everyday bag, black is best.