Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

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  1. I tried this on today at Nordstrom and I have mixed feelings about it. I usually use Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche but I don't know if I should switch over? Has anyone else smelled it? What do you think?
  2. bump!
  3. Haven't smelt this! I also use Chance Eau Fraiche
  4. I will have to give it a shot. Haven't smelt it yet. Chance and Chance Eau Fraiche are my faves though!
  5. I use Eau Fraiche, but haven't seen the Eau Tendre yet. I believe it comes out in April here.
  6. will have to "smell" as well..
  7. ^ I prefer the Chance Eau Fraiche. It goes better with my body chemistry.
  8. Anyone else got a chance to smell the new fragrance? I believe it's only at Nordstrom right now
  9. I tried it yesterday. I much prefer Chance Eau Fraiche.
  10. They gave me a sample at Nordstrom the first day it came out. i thought it smelled really nice and I got a lot of compliments when I wore it out. I like Eau Fraiche but I'm not sure which I prefer over the other.
  11. I'd love to try this - sadly, I'm in Australia so we probably won't see it before June...
  12. I sniffed it and I bought it!

    I often use Chance Eau Fraiche, and I reaaally meant to just take a quick whiff of Eau Tendre and keep walking, but I really liked it. It is a delicate fragrance, IMO, but strong at the same time. I think that, on me, at least, Chanel perfumes have great staying power.

    I actually walked through Nordstroms and sniffed it on my way out to the parking garage, got all the way to my car, put my bags in, and walked back in and bought it. Told myself I didn't need a new perfume, but it really called to me!
  13. I'd love to smell this! I wear Eau Fraiche, but can always use another Chanel fragrance!
  14. I tried this on yesterday at Nordstroms, it smells really pretty and is more girlie, compared to the Chance Eau Fraiche. I might pick up a sample today. It's my kind of perfume, only hope it lasts long! I hate it when you have to keep spraying yourself with perfume because it fades away so quick.
  15. I tried this over the weekend. I liked it, but definitely like au fraiche better :yes: