Chanel chain/strap issue .... ARGH!

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  1. Ok, so today I had to attend a celebrity fashion show for work. I wore lite purple and dark grey so I could carry my 05 grey reissue.

    Suddenly one of the links popped! yes, as in it suddenly split apart and fell off the bag. it was hanging off my shoulder... just chillin' and lookin' pretty.

    I am so PO'd!:cursing: This is the 4th bag this year that has had a problem with the strap. The other 3 were all brand new and stitching came undone.

    This one I bought off eBay but it was unused and this was my 2nd time using it!

    Yet not one vintage bag that I've bought has had any issues -- and most of my bags are 0-series or 1-series! !! I can't justify spending over $2k for a purse when I no longer have confidence in quality control. So I'm PO'd and sad at the same time ...

    thanks for letting me vent!
  2. Oh so sorry to hear that happened. You havent had much luck with your bags.

    Vent all you like..totally understand as it shouldnt be happening at all let alone 4 times. I would be PO'd as well.
  3. OMG I would be just as pissed... I hope that you can have better luck... you would think the craftsmanship would be superior for such a $$$$ bag
  4. that's terrible,what are the other bags that you encountered quality issues with?
  5. I've had quality issues w/ my PST. Loose stitching on the SAME DAY I bought it.

    As I've stated before in previous threads, I think I might be sticking w/ vintage Chanels since no one has expressed disdain in QC with the older models.

    Sorry you're having such bad luck! Yuck! :sad:
  6. Oh crap...vent all you want. I'd be p'd too. What is up with quality control lately?? This is getting ridiculous. Bring it to Chanel for a new chain.
  7. Oh it's ok to vent here, you have all the reason to, I'll be pissed too, think we spend so much on the purse....
    So are you sending it to Chanel for repair?
  8. oh no poor dear, that really sucks! i'd be reaaally :cursing: too if it happened to my reissue... i hope Chanel fixes it!!
  9. You mean the metal chain broke? :wtf: OMG... that's absolutely, totally unacceptable. Sorry to hear this happened to you.
  10. :crybaby:Oh no Regina, not again! That's awful! :hysteric:

    I hope you can get it fixed!
  11. I'm so sorry for you. I would be very,very upset. I shall certainly rethink buying any more Chanel.
  12. I'm dropping the grey reissue off to Chanel in BH today. I imagine it will cost me over $200 to have them add a new link...ARGH!

    My grey outdoor vigne flap ($1595 in may/june) was just repaired.

    Earlier this year, 2 brand new medium/large flaps with old chain went in for repair. I took one out of the bag to use it ... leather was sticking up in two places. Back to neiman's it went for repair. TWO MONTHS later, I took the 2nd one out of the box. SAME PROBLEM. So I took it in to Neimans to find the first one was back from Chanel.

    I returned both those mediums in exchanged for a jumbo with bijoux chain.

    I'm with Alouette -- I'm sticking with vintage/older bags! I feel we're paying top dollar for the Chanel name while quality is sliding.
  13. OMG!! Expensive and poor quality. That is suck. They should fix it free of charge for you.
  14. My opinion is you shouldn't have to pay for having the bag repaired. It's a quality control issue, not a bag refurbishing. I think anyone who encounters a broken strap, ripped stitching, etc. should write a letter to corporate Chanel. If we don't let them know what is happening, then problems will certainly continue to occur. Of course, it may take a while to correct the origin of these problems. If we say nothing, then there is no problem on their side of the fence. You are absolutely correct when you state these problems weren't prevalent in the good old days. If they want more money for their products, they have to, not should, but have to get back to making a quality products. We can all buy cheap bags that break anywhere, but it's infuriating and insulting to pay for luxury goods with shoddy workmanship.

    Maybe we should draft a boilerplate complaint letter to corporate and place it in the reference section.
  15. Urrggg, isn't this annoying!! So can I take it that all jumbos that come with big CC closure are considered vintage??

    I assume that the current Jumbos only have small CC (like the one that Starbrite just bought), and how about out door flap? is this with the small CC also?
    Just want to make sure before I start looking around, TIA.