Chanel chain shoulder straps on bags

  1. Hi everybody!

    In a interview with a celebrity i read that the chain shoulder straps on Chanel bags hurt like hell. Well, she thought so.

    I'd really like to hear the opinions and experiences of you Chanel-bag owners. Do you too think the chain straps are hurtfull and not easy to handle?

    Thanks !

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I've always wondered the same thing. Although I don't own a Chanel, my two favorite bag styles have chain straps. This makes me nervous. :shame:
  3. Oh my gosh, they don't hurt at all! That's so strange...
  4. I feel they get extremely heavy on the shoulder and yes they are a bit uncomfortable. Not sure hurt is the word I would use. But they dig into the skin a bit and make a bag heavier than if it's just leather straps.
  5. never felt any pain with the chain straps. and one of mine with these straps is a reissue so there is no added leather or padding.
  6. how weird.. i have a reissue and the chain straps does not hurt me at all..
  7. NO!, that's so weird , maybe she had a tons of stuff in her bag and that what hurted her, but they do not hurt, and I even own reissues flaps (straps w/o the leather) and they fit as comfortable and any other staps.
  8. no, no trouble here:nogood:
    I suppose if you carry a lot and wear a tank top it's possible, but not w/ normal use.
  9. IME, no pain for me.
  10. I have the chain straps with and without the leather in them, they do not hurt at all.
  11. its actually quite comfortable.
  12. I have had no issues whatsoever including with my 227 reissue chain strap.
  13. I second that. No pain whatsoever.
  14. The only time I have ever felt any discomfort from the old or the new chain shoulder straps has been when I have been on a looong shopping trip and have over-stuffed the bag. Or else it is fine.

  15. I've never had any pain. I suppose if I stuffed my bags they might get heavy.

    Which celebrity??