Chanel Chain help!

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  1. hi all!

    My boyfriend bought me my first ever chanel bag at Christmas which is the WOC (I know, I know it’s not ‘technically’ a bag but anyway..

    I’ve just noticed on one side of the chain it’s doibled up. My boyfriend thinks it’s where the stitching begins but I wanted to find out if it’s a fault or if I’m just babying it and being over the top? It’s halfway up the chain so not quite ‘in the middle’ and is only showing on one side. Please see photos provided - the one with the circle is where you can see the leather is almost doubled - not sure if I’m explaining it right!

    The other two photos is how the rest of the chain is and the other side to the ‘doubled bit’

    Am I being pathetic? I’m scared to use her if it’s faulty!

    TIA! X
    00AFA0C7-FFB2-47FE-BB41-9A421DA2C6E5.jpeg E8F1D681-E50E-46CE-ACDD-9F43E198C3B3.jpeg 65001D88-225E-48B2-89FA-F4A3FAA402ED.jpeg
  2. Normal from my screen
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  3. Is where leather strips end?
    Probably doubled so no fray or issues happen there.
    Seems good to go:tup:
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  4. Totally normal!
  5. Yep that’s normal
  6. Thank you all so much! :smile:
  7. Normal from what I see on the picture.
  8. Mine is the same. That’s normal :smile: