Chanel chain around messenger medium review

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  1. Hello ladies :smile:

    I'm about to purchase Chanel CAM black in medium and was wondering if any owners of this particular bag can chime in.

    So far, I've been living around the Chanel world- owned a Maxi, 2 Jumbos, mini square, the new mini, new medium name it, I had it...but sold them all (they just didn't feel right)---both maxi & jumbo felt so heavy, minis were too small to get things in & out of, new medium boy was just too bulky and looked odd when worn crossbody :sad:

    I need something not too heavy, and mainly for crossbody--then came across black CAM medium--strap seems a little too long but guess it's better than short (like my square mini flap).
    Is this bag heavy? Is it versatile? If I end up shortening the strap by tying a ribbon, will the magnetic lock stay closed? (this worries me since the tied strap can cause the bag to flip open)

    Honestly, I'm debating on this bag and Goyard St. Louis Gm tote (which i owned in diff colors but 3 of them got holes in all corners so stopped buying/carrying them). The two brands I keep going back to...:sad: don't know why....need help! Lol

    Thank you for all your help in advance! ;)
  2. I purchased this bag in May and love it. You can wear it so many different ways. It's perfect for the weekend running around when I don't want to carry around my heavy maxi. The medium has so much room and some say it's equivalent to the jumbo size for space. There are some YouTube videos on the ways to wear it. Check them out.
  3. I own the smallest size & it is so care free, classy yet edgy. I wear it casual cross body & tuck the strap in for night time/more dressy occasions. You can also wrap your strap around the flap of the bag (your SA will be able to show you) to make it shorter.
  4. I have the medium size in black. I love the edgy look (chain wrapped all around) and that you can wear it in many different ways (long chain shoulder bag, short chain shoulder bag, double chain shoulder bag, cross body and clutch). But what I like most about this bag is that the washed lambskin is virtually indestructible! It's so care-free, I don't have to worry about scratches, scuffs, indentation, etc. and in my book that's a must have for a cross body bag. Also, because it's not a structured bag, you don't have to worry about it losing its shape. The snap button never came undone on mine while using the bag.

    Now for what I don't like about the bag : super long chain (I need to shorten it) and interior light colored cloth material (I rather have it black or a darker color).

    Here's a picture of me and my CAM (sorry, a bit blurry).

  5. does anyone own this bag in the mini size? will an iPhone 6 plus small wallet & keys fit? is it lightweight? thanks
  6. Hi Sahrifshopping! I have the mini and the iPhone 6 does fit with my key but a small wallet would not fit. I usually put my credit cards, I.D.,and cash in the zipper compartment. I will post a picture tomorrow with what it can hold. It is a very fun bag to carry.
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  7. Good to know thx!! Ok what about iPhone 6, lipstick, mirror, keys, cash & c cards? I would love to see a photo tomorrow of what it can hold!! Thx so much!!
  8. Yes if the mirror is thin.
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  10. Yes! I love the color ( I hope to have a pink bag someday). Mine is navy blue. I tend to gravitate to black bags so having a pop of color excited me. I use this bag when attending concerts and traveling. If you are able to accessorize with pink I think that you made an excellent choice. Believe me this bag is the star of the show when wearing it.
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  11. oh good thanks! I love the navy blue too; that probably matches with more but this was too good of a deal to pass up! I can't wait to get it & try it out! i'll look forward to seeing your photos when u get a chance.. no rush! u have been so helpful :smile:
  12. Great bag!
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  13. thx! good to know :smile:
  14. Here is how it fits a compact, lip stick,keys,iPhone 6plus, credit cards and cash. IMG_1187.jpg
  15. Here is how small wallet, keys, lipstick, iPhone 6plus fit.
    IMG_1181.JPG IMG_1182.jpg
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