Chanel CF: Bad quality or I am being too picky?

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  1. Hi, everyone!
    I ve purchased Chanel CF in black GHW over the phone from BG and when the bag arrived I right away noticed some things that were off (compared to my beige flap purchased form Chanel on Rodeo), like stitching was not straight at some place, bumps where few leather layers stitched together but they were not that noticeable that I decided to keep it since I had to be on the waiting list for it.
    So I wore it once and already leather is peeling off on the strap.
    So I just wanted to ask you girls, if those are normal imperfections for Chanel (aside from chain peeling) or should I request the exchange? Thank you!

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  2. If you don't like it, send it back.
  3. Yes if the imperfection bothers you, just return it..
  4. +1
  5. If it bothers you, I would exchange it.
  6. They cost too much to make you feel anything but happiness when you open the box so I'd return or exchange...
  7. I would exchange too! For the price you pay for these items, you have every right to expect perfection!
  8. I think you should definitely contact them. I think Chanel need to realise if they are going to keep increasing their prices then they must maintain or improve their quality. If people just purchase things and put up with it they will think they can get away with it and possibly implement further cost cutting measures. It's really not on for such expensive bags.
    Their bags were always renowned for their quality and they took pride in it - I don't feel this is currently always the case which is a shame.
  9. Thank you everyone for replying. I guess I will try to exchange or return it, although I took the tag off...:thinking:

  10. If there's a fault with the quality it shouldn't really matter about the tag - if it's not good enough to be sold to you it probably shouldn't be sold to someone else (although they may well have tried). Let us know how you get on.
  11. Thank you! I will!
  12. I have seen this too and you should not keep it if your not happy!!
  13. If you thought it was defective, you should not have worn it. Don't be surprised if all they offer is a repair on the strap. Best of luck...
  14. my beige clair lambskin m/l had the same issue with the leather peeling away from the strap just like yours. it was also brand new from the store, had to send back into Chanel for repair. i kept it bc beige clair is getting harder to find. i was really disappointed in the quality and made sure my SA knew all of my concerns. it's ridiculous that prices keep going up yet quality is definitely going down. i have vintage pieces 20 years old without this issue!!!!!
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    Last edited: Mar 22, 2016
    I was not sure if it is defective because I heard that every bag is different and there are no two identical bags, so I wanted to find out here if what I pointed out on the images is considered a defect or not.(except peeling strap). Also when SA called me saying " I got your bag - are you confirming the purchase", I ve asked him to inspect bag before sending it to me and he said its perfect... So again I thought "well maybe its considered ok" until the strap started peeling off.
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