Chanel Cerf vs. Hermes Birkin

  1. Hey all, I was very unsure whether I made a right decision on purchasing my black double gold cc's cerf tote last week because ultimately what i really want as all time classic bag is the Hermes Birkin. a dream....

    anyway, after receiving input from the Hermes thread, i must say i still do want the Birkin, but I'm really LOVING my cerf tote. i never carry a tote in that shape, and i was getting annoyed at carrying all my essentials in a smaller bag (like the Bal purse or the LV speedy) and not being able to carry my file folders for work in it too. So i made a decision to buy the cerf. I love that it can fit so much and still look so elegant. It's subtle unlike LV, but i find that's the understated beauty of the quality leather. and I LOVE the double CCs b/c they're not in your face and they're in gold. i always think the black and gold combo looks nicer than black & silver.

    i'm still aiming for a birkin in the coming years, but for now, the cerf is a good alternative for me.

    what do you think?
  2. Hi,

    I also have the black chanel cerf. I love it. It's pretty heavy though, but it's a great work bag.

    You can always get the Birkin later. :P
  3. this reminds me of a Friends episode where Rachel asks Joey which one do you prefer Sex or Food. The he says sex, no food, no sex, no food, i can't do this it's too hard i want a girl on bread. I am saying cerf, no birkin, no cerf, no birkin, i can't do this I WANT THEM BOTH!!
  4. You can't go wrong with a Chanel cerf tote. It's gorgeous! That being said, the ultimate bag is a Birkin!:love:
  5. ^totally agree with Kat. i plan on getting the cerf first and then the birkin.... someday!!
  6. I'm probably going to be the one that is going against the grain...but here's my two cents. I made some mistakes by getting other bags, when my ultimate love was a birkin (or kelly). I ended up getting "replacement" bags, and had to sell them at such discounts.

    I regret not just going for the "big one" because I have lost lots of money on other bags I didn't really love. Well, I take that back...I did love them at the time, but it didn't last long. Then I had to sell them at almost half off retail.

    So, if you do love the cerf, then enjoy her and have no regrets. Otherwise - this is about a quarter of the way to a birkin.
  7. Why is it called a cerf tote?

    What does cerf mean?
  8. cerf="deer"; the bag is made of deerskin.
  9. I agree that if you need something now and cannot wait for the Birkin that the Cerf was the way for you to go. I love the Cerf tote. Even when you end up getting the Birkin, there is nothing wrong with still having the Chanel Cerf tote in your handbag collection..... When the time comes, maybe you'll get a non-black color in the Birkin and then you'll be glad you have the timeless Black Chanel! :smile:
  10. I know what you mean! My dream bag is a Birkin, but I can't justiify the $$ on it for a couple more years... annyway, I do need bags in the meantime, so I don't think it's a loss to have others in the interim, esp if your current bags aren't holding your work folders adequately.
  11. You really should get both! ;)
    I love Chanel and Hermes, so I totally understand ;)
  12. I love my Cerf and use it very often, enjoy it!