Chanel Cerf vs. Chanel Executive -- Pros and Cons, Please!


Do you prefer the old (Cerf) or the new (Executive) Tote?

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  1. I've been thinking about getting a Chanel tote and am trying to decide between the old (Cerf) and new (Executive) versions. As I understand it, the Cerf had a couple of snaps to keep the bag closed and the Executive has a flap with a snap to keep it closed.

    I'd like to use it as a work bag, sometimes carrying business papers, and wonder if that flap gets in the way. I realize I wouldn't be able to snap the bag closed, either, but am confused about whether the newer version is the better choice. Also, I'm concerned about the bag being relatively "open" to prying hands with the new version.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated!
  2. I have an old cerf without the flap,love it... and a new tote, not the Executive but a large Tote with the new Flap, and frankly, I am not crazy about the flap., seems like added agravation....:heart:H
  3. I have the new version and love it. I have neither seen nor tried the older version. While I don't carry a lot in my purse, it is very easy to keep the flap closed when reaching in and out for my things. My s/a told me that some customers had problems with the older version snaps not staying closed, which is why Chanel updated to the new flap style. I personally don't like the pinched look of the older version when snapped closed; the newer version looks much cleaner IMO. I have a terrible habit of never closing my bags so may not be the best person to look to for advice!
  4. I kind of wish the flap were removable, like the makeup pouch. Perhaps they'll be a third version at some point.
  5. I have the old one and it works out fine for me. I havn't seen the new ones yet though so I don't know the difference.
  6. can someone post a photo of the executive for us?
  7. Prefer the look of cerf tote....:smile:
  8. Is the older style cerf still available in stores? Either way I have an older style cerf on its way to me that I purchased on eBay. I actually wanted the older version because I like my bag to be closed tight and not so open.
  9. I have been advised by some Chanel SAs that Chanel bags cannot withstand heavy weight notwithstanding that they may be big or they may look as if you can carry ten tons of rocks in them.

    If you are looking for a work bag, wouldn't it be better to look for one that's really made for work and then purchase a pretty flap or something to compliment the work bag? Just my 2p.........
  10. I'm planning to purchase one soon too but i still don't know whats the difference between the two. Any recommendations? I'm with everyone else, pics please.
  11. I think this is the new style because it has the tab. I bought it in December at NM. It has silver hardware even though the second photo reads gold.
    cerf2.jpg cerf5.jpg
  12. Yes that is the new style, with the tab. In the new style, or in some of the new styles, some of the bags do not come with the extra messenger detachable strap...does yours?:heart:H

  13. My new style Cerf has the extra detachable strap and inside pouch.

    Chanel did the new executive style (with flap) for Fall 07 in gold hardware; the Cruise season was done in silver h/w. I have the dark brown with gold h/w.
  14. Thanks everyone for the clarification!

    So my understanding is that the new Cerf come with the extra strap and pouch and the old one doesn't?

    So i guess the new one is better then right?