Chanel Cerf Tote original or seasonal? Buy or not?

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  1. I'm decided on my next Chanel purchase and I was wondering if everyone still likes the Cerf tote? I know they have recently come out with a seasonal one that seems to have thicker leather and maybe studier. There seems to be mixed feelings of wether the seasonal one is better. I would prefer to get whichever one holds it's shape better. I don't like very floppy bags and I don't want it to age quickly. Any advice? Original or seasonal? Or advice against buying the Cerf Tote? :smile:
  2. I'd like to know others opinions, too. I just bought the original version yesterday because I think it looks nicer overall (the seasonal looked very bulky). I'm going to buy a purse organizer in hopes that it will help the bag retain its shape, but I'm interested in hearing others thoughts since I can still exchange the bag. :smile:
  3. I purchased the original black with gold hardware as I too like structured bags and thought it was understated and beautiful. However, when I was out and about I spotted a lady with one that had gone very floppy. It looked like a completely different bag and had lost all its structure.

    From my research, it seems this bag loses it's shape quickly. I returned mine :sad: Still waiting for Chanel to release something with the structure of the GST but without the huge CCs. The wait continues....
  4. The cerf is a very nice tote IMO. If you will treat it well, it will age gracefully. :smile:
  5. I LOVE my cerf and have used it moderately since I bought it, although not much in the last year. I can see mild sagging at the sides when the bag is set down to sit on it's own but it's nothing abnormal. I think it is a beautiful bag that will age well and an organizer will help it to keep it's shape tremendously. I imagine that would be a lot like keeping it stuffed all the time. I can see how some could lose their shape over time and I kind of think that is the intention of the design otherwise it would have been constructed a bit differently and with much heavier leather. I haven't seen the seasonal version so I can't give an opinion on which to get, but I'll say that I think the classic is "classic" for a reason and absolutely gorgeous!
  6. I have the seasonal and I wear it on weekdays to school with a laptop and etc inside. So far so good with the bag retaining it's shape. Only downside is that it's heavy but that's because of what I put inside. =) I highly suggest getting the cerf if you need a daily bag.

  7. Hi! How long have you had your bag? I'm thinking I may exchange the one I purchased for the seasonal. I'm so paranoid about it losing its shape and then regretting that I bought it. The only compromise I'd have to make if I exchange it, though, is that I'd have to get it with SHW (I haven't been able to locate the seasonal with GHW in my area)...
  8. i have the cerf and i love it! i like the way it looks more worn in so its not so stiff looking. i keep the strap on and i think it makes the sides sag a little bit, so i would maybe suggest not using the long strap. i got mine last march so its the regular caviar fabric. love it!
  9. I bought mine in December and I have used it quite a bit over the last few months. I have not noticed any sagging at all. I do not use the long strap so I'm not sure if that makes any difference? Mine still seems quite stiff. I also use a bag organizer that I got from Samorga. I like to frequently change bags and the organizer makes that easy to do.

  10. Darn! I wish I'd seen these organizers before I ordered mine! They look really nice. Do you remember which size you purchased?
  11. I'm not exactly sure, but I think it's the one that fits the Celine Luggage or Trapeze. I also have a Trapeze and it fits nicely in there, too.
  12. No experience with the Cerf tote seasonal but the original tends to be floppy from the get-go. It actually kind of bothers me because the floppiness/sloppiness of the bag almost makes it look like a fake. Though, perhaps a sturdy bag shaper probably would help a bit (like the ones for Hermes bags by Divide and Conquer on etsy). When it's held in the crook of the arm --so that the leather is pulled up and appears more structured-- I think the bag looks quite smart. Very chic tote - Kamala Harris, Atty. Gen. of CA, carries one to work!
  13. For a few weeks but so far so good. It's quite heavy but I wear it with the strap and it's holding it's shape still with all the stuff I put in it.

  14. Do you have a pic of your bag in its current state?