Chanel Cerf Tote or Prada Saffiano Double Zip tote


Feb 13, 2011
Prada!!! I had the same debate before, and I ended up with Prada. It has more color of choice and so much cheaper than Chanel. I know this is Chanel forum, but I have to honest that I love Prada luxe tote so much more than the Chanel cerf tote.

Samantha S

Mar 26, 2012
Cert tote of course, its timeless and so classy, simple yet elegant. It has few zipped compartment and additional 2 compartment on the front and back of the bag, how thoughtful and convenience to use this bag. Nevertheless, I believe you should get a bag that will suits your need, lifestyle and style. Cert is more of a hand held bag, though it comes with a shoulder carry strap. It does look more chic hand carry. Good luck!!


$ Doesn't Buy Class
Sep 23, 2007
I would personally get the Cerf. Right now, I feel like you have to be careful with Prada. Certain bags are ok, but others, I feel like the quality has really gone down hill right now. The Saffiano totes in particular. I am not a fan of the glazing and I feel like it looks a bit cheap-y. There will definitely be cracking with the prada glazing on the saffiano tote.
May 7, 2012
Went to the Prada boutique today to take a look at the Saffiano double zip tote. It's a nice looking bag but it just didn't feel right on me. A little too structured and too 'formal' for me.

Was going to go to the Chanel boutique but there was a queue to go into the store I decided to give it a skip and go back on another day. Will check out the Cerf tote then.