Chanel Cerf owners! Please help

  1. Where the inner pouch attaches to the purse, is there a "FIOCCHI ITALY" engraved on the snap?

    Thank you! :love:
  2. Mine says Chanel Paris.
  3. If you are looking at the camel one on eBay, don't do it!
    It's a fake!!!
  4. haha, yes! I am! That was the detail that made me feel weird about it. Otherwise it's a pretty good fake... :worried:
  5. Wow. Great catch.
  6. Actually the serial number on the leather tab was a dead giveaway.
    The real deal is on a piece of leather that is not complete sewn on the bag but instead kind of flapping. Not to mention the "chanel" running down the side of the sticker is done all wrong and the cc clapse in the front is missing the tiny trademark.
  7. :amazed: Good eye, Vixy.
  8. Wow , you guys are incredible!
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