Chanel Cerf bag

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  1. Help......I just spent a small fortune this weekend at Sak's for a beautiful Chanel "Cerf" cavier leather bag. Feeling guilty!!:sad2: I just need some reissurance that what I did wasn't CRAZY! Love the bag but I have never owned a Chanel in my life. Happen to see it on someone and fell in love! Am I crazy????
  2. can you post a picture, please!!
  3. I'm sorry I don't know how. I just saw one on e-bay under Chanel "Cerf" bag.
  4. Hi, I just looked on ebay, what a nice bag. You will enjoy it for many years to come. It's very classic, and it is a Chanel!! You can't go wrong. Wear it in good health.
  5. That is a very nice bag and very classy. I definitely say keep it!
  6. I looked up the bag on ebay and WOW:love: It's so elegant and classy! I love it :love: I know how you feel though. I bought a 2.55 reissue last week and fought the "guilts". I wasn't expecting to buy it but it was love at first sight:smile: So don't feel guilty-it's a classic bag that you can use for years.
  7. :love: :love: :love: hands down the Cerf is my favorite Chanel bag...but unfortunately, it's not big enough for all the crap I carry on a daily basis. It's so elegant and understated.

    Oh and the bag is made of deerskin, not cavier. "Cerf" is french for deer. ;)
  8. lovely bag! may i ask how much is it? i never quite know the price range of chanels except for the 2.55s since i can't find them online. thanks
  9. Thank you have put my mind at ease!:P It was $1850.00 plus tax. (ugh!):shame:
  10. Can you please post a picture?
  11. The Cerf tote is great, you will love it.
  12. Well you can look at the bright side, not only do you have an insanely gorgeous bag, you got it at the pre increase price and saved yourself $145.
  13. no your are not crazy. enjoy the purchase.
  14. ohhh i LOVEEEEE the cerf! you're going to enjoy for MANY years to come so dont feel guilty! it's a classic, understated, gorgeous bag!
  15. The OP posted this thread over a year ago. I think she either enjoys her Cerf very much or maybe she has returned or sold the bag by now.