Chanel cell phone cases

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  1. :crybaby: I'm looking for a special kind of cell phone case. I've seen a picture somewhere but cannot remember where I've seen it. I tried the "search" picture found :sad:

    It's the cell phonne case with precious symbols in black. On the Chanel Homepage you can see it in white. It's from the X-mas collection...

    Does anybody know the article-nr. of the black one???

    Please, I'm soooo desperated :cry:
  2. I'm talking about this phonecase you can see on the right.

    I love it, it's soooo cute with the little symbols. I'm sure I've seen it somewhere in black...:confused1:


    Any ideas?
  3. Well if it's available in stores call the 800 number.
  4. That is really cute. Can't say as much for the purse.