Chanel CC trendy dual handle or CC trendy woc

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  1. Which would you rather? Not sure if this topic has been started yet. But recently I went to a Chanel store at Macau and saw the CC trendy dual handle in small and it was gorgeous! I also saw the woc online and that was gorgeous as well. If you had a choice which would you choose? And which do you think would stay in style longer?


    Both pictures taken from Google.
  2. For me I would say go for the WOC. It has the "classic" look to it with a twist. Goodluck!
  3. It depends what you're using it for. However, from your post, you kind of hinted what you really wanted already
  4. I'd go for the dual handie i dislike putting my cards in the woc cardslots and nt bring a wallet out. There is also a bowling bag version in the trendy cc series...thought that was pretty functional too.
  5. I vote for the WOC version. It's very special with its own turnlock, and the way it has grommets and the top bar.
  6. mmm, I feel undecided; no help there, sorry
  7. The WOC is too small and makes less of an impact IMO. I have a WOC, not the trendy CC one and barely use it. I love the small trendy CC and just bought it myself in blue. Its more of a statement piece and looks great on you.
  8. imgg do you mind posting a model pic? I've only seen it in person but didn't get a chance to hold it ):
  9. I have the Large Trendy CC from 15B in Dark Silver. As implied by it's name, it is a large handbag. What I love about it is that all of the hardware (including the Chanel plaque on the top) match the Dark Silver perfectly.
    Of course, this handbag is just the opposite of the WOC. So do you need a really small WOC or do you need a handbag that will carry many necessities? I think that's the real question because they're both lovely but serve different purposes.
    Good luck!
  10. I have not seen the Trendy CC in dark silver- would you be able to post a picture of it? I bet its gorgeous!
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  11. Someone on YouTube just posted a video of the dual handle here. She did a great job and included mod shots.

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