Chanel cc studs..price increase

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  1. I called in on friday to check the price of the Chanel cc studs in large and the SA told me it's $310 now...last time i searched, it was only 240...can anyone comfirm this?
  2. There is a whole thread on the pending 08 price increase so you can check out that thread (though it is mostly dealing with purses). If you called a Chanel boutique, you might want to check with Saks or NM since the last round of price increases there was a difference from when it was effective at boutiques and when it changed at department stores.
  3. I asked a friend to check the price for me last December and they were already $310 at that time...Well that's what she told me :shrugs:
  4. Hmm... I bought mine a while back for around 245-ish? 310 is kind of crazy for costume earrings, even @ 245 I was already like :wtf: (before I handed the SA my credit card, that is -LOL)

    That said, I wouldn't be surprised if the price DID go up, as everything is increasing, and while we mainly focus on bags, it also includes costume jewelry.

    Definitely call around to double check though!
  5. 310$ ? I think its kinda steep for stud earings..:sweatdrop:
  6. I only paid 240ish
    I bought at the chanel boutique in Boston about a month ago.,
    Its weird..but I heard some people saw the price as over not sure
  7. I was just at Rodeo Dr. Chanel on Saturday and the price was still 240. Thats weird that different stores have different prices.
  8. Or, it may be that the price you saw were for the larger ones? I know different sizes are priced differently. The ones that are approx. 240 are the minis I believe? Please correct me if I'm wrong.