Chanel CC earrings

  1. I just got my CC earrings and was wanting to know when these earrings came out? Have they been out for a while? Does anyone know month/year?
  2. UM..Which ones...LOL..Chanel makes a ton of diff CC earrings..Post a pic so we can help
  3. Yes a pic please
  4. The CC crystal earrings (costume jewelry). Thanks!
  5. That narrows it down to 1,029! LOL just kidding, try and take a picture. Or do a search and see if someone else posted a picture of them. Are they just the CC studs? What size if so?
  6. The crystal cc studs they are about 1/2" wide by about 1/3" high. They were $210. Hope this helps, sorry for the lack of info.
  7. pics pics! If u don't have a camera you could always go on the ref. library and see if anyone has already posted a picture. thats all i can think of.:push:
  8. Here is a pic I found that looks like mine.[​IMG]
  9. ^pic isnt showing up!
  10. Well that pic didn't work, let me try again.
  11. No thats a good description. I just bought those. They are currently available but my SA says they sell out pretty fast.
  12. Love these!
  13. I was just wanting to know when these came out. I saw a post from Feb 2006, but there was no picture, but the description sounded similar. I was wanting to know how something soo cute could have gotten past me. Thanks for any help anyone can give me on this.
  14. I love 'em! They make a matching necklace too, and I think its 150.
  15. I think they have always done these havent they? I remember seeing these way back? I might be wrong.