chanel cc decal sticker

  1. Where can I get a CC or Chanel decal Sticker for my car back window? Thank you
  2. You could easily get one cut and made for you at any local graphic shop that makes custom vinyl stickers. :yes: The CC logo is particular easy to do because it's so simple.

    CHANEL does not actually sell vinyl decal stickers. The only stickers that I'm aware of them having are the small (size of a quarter) white/gold circle seals they use when they wrap purchases.
  3. I took my small black and white decal from my wallet purchase and put it on my clear red case for my macbook. So there is a Chanel logo within the apple. I think it's funny!

  4. ^lol. I put a one of the white/gold Chanel seals on the back of my phone. It started getting dirty so I had to take it off, but it looked cool for a while lol!
  5. I've seen a couple of girls w/ these driving around L.A. I think you can make it yourself, or try eBay? I was thinking about making one myself, I like the ones that just have the CCs in a gray semi-transparent sticker on the back window :smile:
  6. Are there still two Chanel stores in Ala Moana or did they merge into one? I remember they used to be right across from each other but this is going back years.

  7. ^At Ala Moana there are two Chanel stores facing each other. One is Chanel Fine Jewelry and the other is a regular Chanel boutique that sells the costume jewelry, ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, etc. :yes: I'm there way too often!
  8. There are CC logo stickers on the envelopes/wrapping for Chanel print catalogs. They are white w/a black CC logo. Pretty good size too. I got the catalogs from my SA.