Chanel CC Crystal Logo Earrings Price

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  1. HI!

    Can anyone tell me the price of these earrings these days? How many sizes do them come in and what is the price for each size?

    Thanks so much!!!:yahoo:
  2. Which price do you want them in? £'s? $'s??
  3. Dollars would be great. Thank you!
  4. Current price is $240.
  5. what size is that for?
  6. I just got mine for $240. I think they come in one size. Not sure though. They do have different styles with the crystal CC's.
  7. Mine were about 260.00 or so with shipping
  8. There is 3 different sizes. The med size are $240 I am pretty sure the small size is $225. Not sure about the large size. I have the med size.
  9. Ohh..that's so cute. Where can I buy one?
  10. there really nice,are they still available,do you know the code for thoes?
  11. In Hong Kong its around 1800 HKD so that's roughly $270. I just asked a friend to buy for me. There was only 1 pair left, i think this is just the mini size.
  12. How much euros is that then?
  13. I would love to know as well. Does anyone know how much the classic CC crystal logo earrings (approx.) cost in Euros?
  14. For the ones that are interested. Went to the Amsterdam boutique today. The size mini/small are € 145,-. Medium is € 160,-