Chanel CC charm 2.55 flap bag

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  1. Anyone know the price of the Chanel CC charm 2.55 flap bag? I saw it in a magazine and it has stated the price at 1,050 GBP ($2100 approx) and I think it is too cheap for this bag. Any ideas??? Thank you!:tup:

    and How much for the price of classic tote bag with the old chain style?
  2. If you are referring to the Chanel lucky charm 2.55, it is priced at RM27,200 in Malaysia. Is that help?
  3. For some reason I thought these were 6-7,000 US dollars, but maybe I am thinking of a different line?
  4. The largest one was like $7200 give or take a couple hundred if I'm not mistaken. They have some CUTE platforms in that line too!
  5. Does anybody know if they have any wallets on that line? I love it!!!:heart:
  6. There was a thread a while ago about the charm wallets. I believe they were over $1000. Anyway, here is the charm wallet...adorable:heart:

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  7. the charm credit card holder is $800 USD so i assume the wallet is def. over $1000 and the bag should be around $7-8000.
  8. That's not the bag I referred to. It is attached with mini CC thorough out the bag. :yes: Any idea for the price of it?
  9. Do they look like mini cc buttons/charms?? If it is that one, it was around $5K CDN. Its lambskin right?And looks like a reissue?
  10. It is in the cover of the latest Harper's Bazaar (US) issue. If I remember correctly, the price was approx. $4700.
  11. The bag you are referring to is a charm reissue in lambskin. It was recently featured in Grazia magasine at the incorrect price you are referring to. The bag retails for over £2000 in the UK. I saw it in Sloane Street Chanel the other day if your interested. Some magasines are notorious for getting the prices wrong.
  12. whoa! Why is it so expensive??!
  13. I recall that. It is $4750 + tax
    I don't know why they are priced so high, but they are absolutely TDF:heart:
  14. It's called the Punk Ligne.. the one w/ CCs all over.
  15. I saw the small one and it was just under $3000.