Chanel Caviar?

  1. there's no photo{?}
  2. I can't see the photo. Can you upload it onto the forum?
  3. wow, sorry. I had a link, guess those aren't allowed

  4. see it now?
  5. No that's not caviar. We would need more pics than that to give accurate information.
  6. heres 3 more:



    any help hould be appreciated
  7. can you show the authenticity cards and matching hologram, also, the tag inside that says CHANEL?
  8. sure:

  9. based on the close up I'm almost certain it's calfskin.
    Based on the hologram # someone else can tell you which year, I can never remember.
    Maybe someone knows the Lgine{?}
  10. I'm obviously trying to sell this bag. It's New with Tags
    I really only needed importaint info, like the bag's name and certain descriptions. But thank you for your help anyways! This bag is from 06 I know that
  11. actually, it's NOT obvious you're attempting to sell this bag, no where in this thread does it indicate this.
    Furthermore, you also do not indicate what info exactly you're looking for, no mention that you dont need help w/ the date.

    Sorry, I was trying to help.

    You'll catch more flies w/ honey you know.
    It always baffles me that people get snarky when they're asking others for help.
    Good luck.
  12. hmmm...i have never seen this handbag in person, but it looks to me like it is caviar leather, and it is from FALL 05...i recognize the flap and turnlock...i don't believe NM bought it...interesting....
  13. to me it looks softer than caviar:yes: :shrugs: