Chanel Caviar Tote w/ Medallion, do you think it's classic or trendy?

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  1. Do you think it's classic like the flap style bags, or trendy like the Cambon bags, or somewhere in between?

  2. Its definitely a classic.... I have one and it is great....
  3. Only a few things are as classic as the Classic Flap, but this bag is DEFINITELY classic:yes:
    As classic as? Not quite as classic as, but absolutely a classic bag.
  4. It's definitely a 'classic' Chanel tote style. It's been around for several years (& comes out in different colors each season like the classic flap).
  5. I agree with everyone. This is one bag I would categorize under classic.
  6. totally agreeing with everyone else! totally LOVE this Chanel tote!
  7. I too, think this is a true classic. And of course I don't have one :sad:
  8. i think it is one of the chanel classics.
  9. without a doubt....classic:yes:
  10. Definitely classic!
  11. Classic! I have a white and a black and I would never sell either of them.
  12. It's most definitely a classic...
  13. It's a classic!
  14. Yep, I agree it is a classic!
  15. Totally classic. I had a burgandy one that I sold, and I totally regret it now.
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