chanel caviar or patent leather

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  1. hi everyone! im currently saving up for a chanel caviar flap *drools* BUT have thought about it and sounds silly but the blush (pinkish/baby orange) patent leather flap has gotten to me too! i thought to myself..hum...patent leather would be easy to keep clean but would the patent leather and the blush color make it not as timeless and classy? i love them both equally!!! the blush color screams me (i love baby pinks & im 19 yrs old, so id figure its suiting to my age) however the caviar in black..ooh thats so classy but i havent decided on gold or silver chain.

    what do you think? which one would you choose if you were me? and what size would be appropriate?

    im 5 feet 2 and 108 pounds..i thought the jumbo looked silly on me but then again i like to fit a lot of things in my bag - water, cell, makeup *lots of lipglosses*, planner, sunnies..

    also, if not, do you think the GST or any other chanel would be better for me (age and bag size appropriate)? id of course like to get my moneys worth but yet still have a chanel that is classy and well will last until im older =)

    P.S. $700 dollars more to go until i can buy the Chanel Medium Flap! I hope I can do it! Ive been working hard during this winter break =D ..everyday i go to work, and i think to myself..this is for my chanel bag..m
    my bf doesnt seem to understand why im so obsessive with TPF and bags but im sure glad i found people here that I can relate to! THANKS EVERYONE =)
  2. Please get the patent! PLEASE! I love it.
  3. I love that 1 sweet & tempting. Patent is easier to handle.
    Medium would be nice. But if u want a every day bag..GST in caviar would definite works better for u.
  4. I would get the can always get a black caviar!

    My first classic was a bright pink (corail) caviar flap...i eventually got a black MC flap. You'll enjoy either one!
  5. I guess for a 19-year old, the blush patent would be appropriate :yes:. Black caviar can wait. But you need to try out the jumbo cos' it may be too big for u.

    Hope you can save enough soon!
  6. considering your age i think i would go with the patent flap
  7. I like Black cavier..
  8. this is a tough one. i adore the blush patent, but you have to also keep in mind that lighter-color patents eventually discolor and yellow. it's just an unfortunate effect that i don't think is preventable.
    the caviar is classic and you definitely won't go wrong getting that. but man, that blush patent is so darn pretty... i guess if i were you, i'd go blush patent for now and caviar later! :p
  9. I'm impressed with the good taste you have at such a young age.
    I love both, but the patent elevates my blood pressure :nuts: :nuts:
    If someone has one and good post a pic ...I'd sure love to see it.
  10. I think the most practical for your needs and age right now would be the GST:yes: . I believe the GST is also one of Chanel's classic pieces--you can't go wrong with it. If you really want to choose between the patent and caviar flaps I think the caviar would be a better bet:smile: .


    Here's my small (medium?) black patent flap--thought you might want to see it on a person:p . BTW, I'm 4'11" and 125 lbs:shame: .


  11. i love both leathers.. u cant go wrong with either of them... but caviar is always there, so get the patent first :smile:
  12. oooh! thanks for everyones opinions! i have never seen the patent blush one in medium (only seen jumbo) so i better check it out first..ill definitely keep everyone posted! but right now im leaning towards the Blush one..but then again, the Ferragamo Gancio is like screaming "im a bit less can buy me NOW!" LOL because the Ferragamo Gancio came out with this light/blush color one too! Oh come to think of it, are the patent leather flaps more expensive? I am already calculating the price and tax so when "my chanel bag fund" is ready, i can buy it immediately =D
  13. I also agree that the blush patent would be more suitable for your age - just a little more modern.
  14. I love the blush patent. I think it would look great on you.
  15. I think you need a GST. If you plan on carrying sunnies, cell, wallet, planner and water bottle like you mentioned a medium flap will not work. I think it may even be difficult to fit into a jumbo. I have a jumbo and can fit all those items except a water bottle. The GST is great and modern just look at the pics of Nicky Hilton rockin it!