chanel caviar leather......

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  1. i'm thinking of buying myself a chanel bag and as i'm extremely anal about scratching/dirtying my leather bags i was thinking something in the caviar collection would probably suit me better

    so i was wondering if any of you ladies have chanel caviar leather bags, and if so, how do you find they hold up as compared to other leathers? is it pretty indestructable or do i still have to be pretty careful?

    i have my eye on this pretty little caviar number

  2. can't see the photo, it's not loading up for me...
  3. It's pretty indestructable. I would say on the same maintenance level or just a tinge more maintenance level as LV canva/damier/epi perhaps? For LV canvas and damier, when I get something on it, I just scratch it off (kind of violently and desperately) w/my fingernail, then proceed to wipe it w/wet tissue and all is well.
  4. I have a caviar hobo so far it still pretty good...don't know if that help.
  5. yup she's legit, bought my pewter balenciaga and grenat paddington from her.

    she always has really nice chanels... i want that pink one from the chanel website. waiting to see if she has it at some point.
  6. The caviar leather is def more durable and less fragile then the lamb skin one. It's really pretty!:love:
  7. i love colors so i feel like this would be a great summer chanel starter bag for me........
  8. oh..def the CAVIAR leather !!!!!...i have the Tote and when i used mine i dont have to worry any single minute about scratches ...
    highly recommented the Caviar leather especially if you wanted to use it as a daily bag or often
  9. I love, love, love , caviar leather! :love: :love: :love: The bag is beautiful!
  10. Caviar is by far the most durable of leathers I've ever encountered.
  11. i remember the last time i was at the 5th ave chanel boutique the saleslady actually took down one of the caviar bags and scratched it to show me how durable it was but i guess i'm just skeptical..........but hearing others attest to its durability has almost convinced me to go to for it.....
  12. it is very me .....even the SA recommented buy the caviar leather
  13. I absolutely love this bag! How much does this bag usually go for?
  14. i think it said that it retails for $1200ish.......

    if u read my other thread u'd know i broke up with my boyfriend recently and so that's the only thing that's preventing me from buying this bag right now.......i have the money in cash but no paypal account (i've always used his ebay) so i'm trying to figure something out....*sigh......want the bag but can't reconcile with him just cuz i want a bag :weird: