Chanel Caviar Classic Flap

  1. this would be my first ever Chanel bag, and I'm absolutely in love with it, but i just wanted to know what the Chanel die-hards think:

    also, i don't know if it's just the lighting in the pictures, but do you think it's the same color as the Chanel bag in Clanalois' collection:

    i'm hoping the bag is real, because i'm absolutely in love with it :love:

    and i posted this in the Seller Watch too, by the way
  2. The style of bag is the same as Clanalois' but the color of the eBay pic looks yellow and I don't recall the Classic Caviars available in yellow.


    I know that the in-store Chanel boutiques (the one's inside Saks or Neiman's or Bergdorf) sometimes get different colors than the free-standing Chanel, it's possible.
  3. Um, I know NM doesn't have that color in caviar because I asked my SA about it last week
  4. Hi there! You also posted this in Seller Watch this morning. We don't allow duplicate posts, I can merge them, which Forum do want you prefer to keep your post in?
  5. Yea...I haven't seen a yellow Caviar Classic either....
  6. ah, this one then

  7. I think it's the lighting that is throwing us off-however ask for more pics--this seller also has has a black version of the same bag for sale.
  8. I like it, but actually much prefer lambskin, which I think looks richer and more supple.
  9. I can't see anything that screams "Fake!" but I can't see enough detail to be 100%, either - sorry!

    The only thing I'm not mad about is the way two of the photos, the ones showing the inside of the top flap, are blurred - I can't make out if the screws on the inside of the catch are Philip's screws (crossed shape groove) or flat - they should be flat, if they're Philip's according to Burberry_princess's guide it's a fake.

    More photos maybe, and a pic of the press-stud on the bag's body, should help?

  10. does anyone know how much the Caviar Classic Flap bag retails for now? i might just get it in one of the boutiques instead of off ebay.
  11. I think the medium is 1495, the large 1595 and the jumbo 1650 USD.
  12. ummmm, I think the medium is actually 1595
  13. oooh thanks!