chanel caviar black GST with gold hardware pre-increase price!

  1. There are a couple still available that can be bought pre-increase if bought today, if anyone was looking for one call my SA Lazara at the Saks Dadeland store 305-662-8655 ext 355-Hope this helps someone who missed out on the GST.:yahoo:
  2. Is the GST really increasing in price? All the other classics have already been re-tagged to reflect the new prices, but my SA at Saks Chanel said that GST & PST's are still at the same price.....for now. Has anyone seen GST/PST's with the new price tags?
  3. When i called the Chanel store, the GST went up 100 dollars
  4. I was at Neimans at Merrick Place today, they still have some classics at pre-increase prices available, will post in chanel shopping, but, not GSTs'
    and they told me they will be getting them in one to two weeks at new, increased prices, not $100.00 but a substantial increase.
  5. Looking at the situation/postings...maybe GST are due for price hike (maybe in April or so..some1 mentioned in the thread) stores there out maybe taking this opportunity to increase the px first...isn't this "profiteering" ???
    Can some1 do anything about this???? I think it is serious matter...cos some store reflects the original px whereas for some up $100 already.
    Any1 here to verify this???
  6. i just called Saks chanel and they said they had a price increase but it isnt effective yet. so, the GST is still 1650 right now. petite is still 1075.