Chanel catalogues?

  1. Do Chanel catalogues exist? I find the website doesn't have all the bags...
  2. Hardcover lookbooks w/pricelist do exist.
  3. Is this for instore use only?
  4. Good can we get our hands on a copy? I'd love to get one!
  5. They send out catalogs every season. It doesn't look like a look book, with specific items and prices, but more like a "mini" magazine spread, which at the end has price listings.

    I think if you spend enough, on specific items, at their boutiques they send them out. However, I'm not completely sure about their process.

    They've sent one to me every season, but my mom only twice (and she buys WAYYYYYY more than I do).

    Hope this help~
  6. Are these mailouts you're talking about hardcover?
  7. What I heard from a boutique SA as well as the toll free number customer service agent is that the Chanel US corporate office has some mysterious criteria for sending out catalogs and other mailers. The example cited to me was: they may send one type of mailing to all first-time Chanel boutique customers and another type to people who bought something the year before but not the current year, or they may send nothing at all to certain groups.

    The look books have everything (apparel, accessories, shoes, etc) in all the styles and colors, but no prices. The SA still has to look up the price in a separate book for the specific store that tells them how many of each kind will be coming to that location.

    I've never gotten a physical mailing snail mailed to me even though I've asked to be on a mailing list at the boutique and with customer service. But I've gone to the store and asked about items from the upcoming season, and they've let me see the look book.
  8. No hardcover. I've always gotten what looks like a magazine with book binding, on high gloss paper.
  9. I get the magazines, high gloss paper images, etc.. but twice this year only. I called Chanel and put myself on the mailing list, so hopefully I get more?
  10. I have received hardcover Chanel catalogs with pricelists. Very Beautiful.
  11. I just try to get my hands on the Japanese magazines then convert the prices- the down side is the names aren't always understandable.
  12. So you can just call a Chanel store and put yourself on a list to have the books sent to you? Or do you need to purchase enough every year to qualify for that?