chanel catalog number

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  1. Hi, what does the 14 p , 14 C , or 14 s stand for? Any other?
  2. C=Cruise (after winter, before spring)
    P=printemps (French for spring)
    S=summer (only started last year)
    B=later summer (also started last year)

    A=autumn (fall)
    K= either summer or winter (also started last year)

    That's my sleepy headed remembrance of codes

    the 13 or 14 is the year
  3. Thanks! So most stores now all 14P should be almost sold out...waiting for 14S? Does the pre-fall, fall Act I, act Ii refer to 14S or 14A?
    Thanks again! Tutu!
  4. Whether what you will get now from store depends on styles

    Some 14P or even 14C items can still be available. It really depends on what has sold out

    Most items you see in store now are 14S

    You should check out reference thread for style code questions