Chanel casual hobo

  1. Hi all.

    A few months ago I stopped in the chanel store and found a chanel that was very hobo looking. It was on the larger side though not as large as a cabas. The leather was thicker, the straps were not chains. It was a medium thickness smooshy leather. On the front it had the CC logo in gold. Very plain besides that. Does anyone know what I am talking about or is this a figment of my imagination. I never hear anyone talking of this bag. If any one knows about it or has it, could I see some pictures and you opinion in general of the bag. Thank you!!!

    Oh and it was not a bowler (not as stiff/structured), and there is no visible stitching (like a constrasting white). Ok I hope I am not being really confusing here. Thanks again!
  2. Sounds like it might be the outdoor hobo. This hobo has a distressed leather w/a small gold cc logo and it's rather slouchy when it's not stuffed. It has a single handle and fits over the shoulder.
  3. Oooh, maybe she's right! Did it have a diamond stitched pattern to it?
  4. Yes clk55girl I think you may be right. Have you seen it as well? If so where? But no it did not have diamond stiching to it. It did have a single handle (which may have been adjustable) and was rather plain looking (but possibly distressed) but still a lovely every day bag. I will go to the chanel boutique and hopefully find it.

    Also does anyone know where I can find the Paris NY flap bag (the one with the zipper)? I love it love it love it. Oh and does anyone know the cost? THanks again all!!
  5. Well, teh Outdoor Collection has a diamond stitched patern on it's pieces, so it had to be something else.

    The PNY Flap is pretty obsolete at this point I'm afraid, I think it was around $2600{?}
    You can check in the Reference Library, also check teh outdoor thread and see if you recognize the leather.
  6. Thanks swanky mama. Yes it is definately the distressed expandable zipper one which is around 2400. I absolutely love it along with the paris ny wallet. I'm still looking for a more casual chanel so hopefully I can find this elusive hobo that I seemed to have concocted in my head. I will post back to give everyone an update if I ever find this thing. Thanks again.