Chanel Cashmere and Terrycloth scarf

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  1. Wow, that is really adorable! Great find! :yes: Sorry I don't have any info to share, perhaps you could start with the boutiques? :smile:
  2. when i first read it .. "Cashmere and terry cloth" I though how could they possibly be nice but its beautiful!!!
  3. It's cute. Sorry but I have not seen it in any stores, yet.
  4. Hi there,

    The Chanel boutique on 57th Street in NYC has it. I popped in there today. Do not know the price. Sorry. Chanel have some great wool/cashmere scarves this season.
  5. I have seen it in HK Chanel so I think it should be available in most of the Chanel boutiques by now. just for reference, HK price is HKD8500, should be cheaper in US and Europe. HTH.
  6. OMG I LOVE it!! So elegant yet discreet. Does anyone in the US know how much this is?
  7. wow. This is way too cute!! I love it!
  8. Thank you all for your reply!!! I just got back from France, it is so cold here in Norway, I really need that scarf:P
  9. I tried this one in the store... but decided not to get it, because I've already spent too much and needed an excuse to not spend more on another black cashmere Chanel scarf.

    It was easy to have an excuse and not buy it because you really can't see the embossed designs when it is being worn, I guess you could adjust the scarf every time you put it on, but if you like to throw it on, like I do, then the good part will not be easily seen. It then becomes a plain black scarf, of which I have many.

    By the way, it was $1000.00 here in Canada.
  10. I totally love this scarf. It is way cuter than it sounds from the initial title. Of course, if it is anywhere near $1000 CAD, then there's no way I'll be getting one.
  11. One thousand dollars for a scarf...I think is just too much.
  12. I agree :nogood:
    And I thought LoveQuote scarves were ridiculous already...
  13. I've paid more than $1000 for my Chanel cashmere scarves... but this one is also terrycloth and I was really expecting the price to be lower. :shrugs:

    It's probably cheaper in the States... ?
  14. 995 USD at available at Saks according to my sheets

    Please call Gail at 310 887 5355 at Saks Bevely Hills, CA if you're interested...

    The style number is:

    A39549 X09911

    comes in ivory or black