Chanel Care Booklet

  1. Hello. I just found this forum and am hooked. ;)I just got my first Chanel camera sac that was a reissue from a few years ago. Its buttery soft.and am in love and hooked. I now really want the large lambskin totebag pictured in the fall 2007 precolleciton on Chanels website but it is sold out at Chanel boutiques. Only LA has it in white.

    I just found one on eBay but am skeptical. The bag is from this season (maybe it was also available last year?)but the serial number is a 10... indicating 2006 and the care booklet shown is the old style with gold border. My recent luscious bag came with the newer style black envelope with tissue prints and a booklet with color illustrations.
  2. I always thought that care booklet with the gold border was fake. It's not?

    And what about dustbags? There are many wallets on eBay pictured with white dustbags and none of my wallets from department stores came with dustbags.