Chanel Cardigan - Retail Value?

  1. i was given this chanel cardigan by my aunt (who's really wealthy) so i'm pretty sure it's 100% authentic. she told me i can do anything i want with it, and of course i'm gonna sell it! haha, the style is too old for me!

    does anyone know how much this retailed for? i want to price it accordingly on ebay!

    sorry the pictures are so lousy! couldn't capture the really nice buttons that say chanel, paris on it. and the last pic shows the lace sleeve, somewhat.

    any help is greatly appreciated!


  2. I am not convinced by the tag I am afraid. I think you need to get it authenticated before you sell, just so that you are 100% covered
  3. hmm does that mean i should bring it into the chanel store? i'm not sure from what season this cardigan was from. other than the tag, are there any other tell tale signs as to whether it is authentic? it's really well made though.
  4. Yep, a chanel store would be the best, or failing that a high end dry cleaning store that would be used to cleaning quality items, might well, atleast be able to tell you if it looks like it is the quality and workmanship of Chanel.

    Best of luck, I really hope it is authentic so that you can make some money ;)
  5. A high-end consignment store will also be able to authenticate this for you.
  6. at first glance the cc's look like they are off, but thats how they really are a lot more space in the middle, my mom has some items..:biggrin:
  7. - missbabydolce - i'll try to get it authenticated (:
  8. thanks, i'll do that!
  9. Definitely, don't try to sell anything as authentic, just because you are pretty sure that it is. I agree, go ahead and authenticate it.
  10. whether or not it's authentic it's a stunning cardigan
  11. thanks! i will be bringing it down to chanel this weekend. hopefully they won't be too snooty about it! i am so hoping that it's real!:P