Chanel Card Wallet - Off center?

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  1. Hi everyone! I recently purchased this card wallet from the Chanel boutique in Seoul, and I noticed that the C's are off center... I went back to the store because I thought that this was a faulty product, but it turns out all of them are designed that way. Does it look too obviously placed towards the right? Should I return the product? I love the color and overall design, but I'm not too sure about the off centered C's...

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  2. Oh I totally see what u mean!! It's not perfectly centered. I think this would bother me cause I'm incredibly obsessive about stuff like this. I would personally exchange for something else. This version comes around often (I'm in the states), also in different styles. Gosh Chanel really needs to up their quality control!!! View attachment 3402384 View attachment 3402386 View attachment 3402387
  3. It wouldn't bother me; but in doubt; don't keep it; you'll regret it later on
  4. I am definitely not obsessive but this would bother me. Return/exchange for a different style.
  5. If they are all designed that way,
    I think the logic on that is, when the card holder starts to get filled with cards it will bunch up a bit hence the allowance on the left side part of it. It may end up centered eventually. I have OCD and this for some reason does not bother me. [emoji16]
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  6. Even if it is not a defect, I think this will bother me. I won't be able to enjoy the piece without thinking about the cc's not centered. That's just me. The one on the Chanel website looks centered. If you can't stop thinking about it, it may be best to return or get a different style. Perhaps, there is another store that you are able to visit and check the same item.
  7. Agree. It would look odd if centered. There's a reason for it being like this.
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