Chanel card holder, id holder, or wristlet....

  1. do these exist?? does anyone have pictures??

  2. I have seen card holders and depends what stye you are interested in.

    I have a cambon cc holder...and i had a cambon wristlet
  3. i love cambon wristlets! do you remember how much yours costed?
  4. there is a chanel card holder, its inspired by the 255 flap bags :biggrin: someone on here has one it is TDF, and i belive it was around $350
  5. Here is a pic of my quilted one:
    p3.jpg p4.jpg
  6. does the boutique still carry this one? :smile:
  7. Yes they do. And they come in different colors and leather.
  8. bond street chanel is alwayys closed on a sunday :sad:

    and i only work in london on a sunday
    so im going to try sloane street tomorrow for prices as i also need something from lv

    how much are they does anybody know?

    a black credit card holder?
  9. depends on the material and line, from 250 to 395 i think.
  10. not bad not bad.

    i will go tomorrow and get some prices

    providing they are open

  11. i took these pix yesterday, feel free to contact Brandi @ 210 341 4111, or pm if you want her cell . Please let her know Marisa send you from Purse Forum~:flowers:
  12. Thanks for the pictures!! :smile: I've never seen a Chanel wristlet...could anyone post a pic? TIA!
  13. what shop are those pictures form cc?

    well sloane was closed, so i went in harrods

    and a nice girl called yasmin served me

    i bought the quilted black, 5th picture bottom left

    £155, which i thought was pretty good

    and i love it :biggrin:

    thankyou for the advice
  14. [​IMG]
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