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  1. hello ladies, I would like to hear some opinions so I can make a wise decision. I bought a classic chanel card holder but it was thicker/bulkier than what I needed so I returned it. Now, I am looking for a new one but I would like to buy something classic and good quality. I have been looking at YSL card case, LV (see choices attached) and another chanel (the picture shows a nude color but I would get a black one). What do you think?

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  2. I know were in the Chanel forum here but I really like the YSL best. Out of interest which Chanel cardholder was it that you returned?
  3. Which one did you buy that was more bulky than these? I feel like the classic card holders are the antidote to bulkiness (at least for me). I prefer to carry a regular card holder (the Chanel type you linked) and a pouch/o-case in lieu of a wallet. Below is a pic of the card holder I have (sorry not a great pic). I find it's classic, durable (caviar) and practical. It doesn't get bulky but it does fit a lot. I have a bunch of cards in the slots and some cash in the middle. I would recommend something like this or the boy version if you prefer that hardware. I think the Gabrielle ones are cute too.

    YSL card holders are cheaper and they're really good as well, so it's something to consider. LV is known for good SLGs and you can find a bunch of reviews on Youtube of various versions of their card holder if you like that brand.

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  4. Thank you for your honest feedback. I returned the caviar leather classic in black. I thought it was a little bulky and it defeated the purpose of a thin card case
  5. This is the one I returned

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  7. Thank you!! Yes, that is what I was looking for in black but they didn’t have it here in SoCal
  8. They come and go, but they're quite popular because small bags are trending and people seem to be moving away from big wallets. The snap button one you returned is between a compact wallet and a card holder. I agree that it can feel bulky. I would suggest waiting for a caviar card holder to show up in your local store. Or try getting the YSL one. I like both, honestly, it just depends on how much you want it to be the Chanel one.
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  9. Thanks for sharing the pic. I can understand why this one may seem a bit more bulky. I’d say if you’re looking for a more compact version I’d go for the YSL or the boy card holder
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  10. Chanel will always be Chanel lol. I was in doubt since I am reading so many ppl complaining about YSL and I don’t read the same complaints from Chanel & LV. Thank you again for your feedback!!!:heart:
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  11. Yeah, I agree. I will contact my SA at chanel and ask her to keep an eye on it for me
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  12. I didn't know people had a lot of complaints about the YSL one! Is it quality related? But you're right Chanel is Chanel indeed, and it's a good investment. I think the caviar card holder holds up well and it's something I use every day. The cost per wear is already so worth it for me and I think I can easily keep using it for years!
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  13. I'm a big fan of the Saint Laurent card holders, so that would be my vote.
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  14. I vote for YSL! It's cute and different compared to the Chanel one that pretty much everyone seems to have.
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  15. Thank you ladies!!! It will be either chanel or YSL!! Your input was great
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