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  1. Purchased on E-bay but e-bay took it down after I paid. Seller insists its real and wants the bag back. But E-bay said they confiscate the bags and are directed to destroy the bags per Chanel. I know this picture is horrible but it's all I have. the Listing was taken down so I can't send link. She states she purchased at Saks and since she mailed the bag out to me already she can't authenticate it. She also states the hollogram cannot be found. Am I just a sucker for believing that if Chanel took it down it could still be real? :girlsigh: Also the bag is in transit to me, so I can't tell yet either.
  2. I purchased the bag this morning on e-bay. Right after I paid like in 2 minutes I recieved an e-mail that the listing was taken down. I called e-bay and stated that I just paid for this item. they said Chanel took it down and that I need to put a dispute in with paypal to get my monies back. And also that I will need to send the bag back to them so they can destroy it once I recieve it. The seller does'nt want it destroyed and believes it is genuine, but since she already shipped the bag she can not get it authenticated. She wants me to.
    I'm afraid I am spinning my wheels, but she swears she got it at Saks and that Chanel made a mistake.
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  4. The link above is right!!! I don't know why you can't post!
    But since she sent it to you when you receive it post detailed pictures in the above link! If it's real ok if it's not send the bag to eBay an file a claim through paypal!
    Hope I helped..good luck!

    P.S I've heard before of authentics being shut down!!
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