Chanel camera case and a business card holder?

  1. I have a small sony digital camrea and I noticed the LCD screen is getting scratched. I missed the boat on the cambon line...but is there anything else that works as a camera case?

    Also any piece that works good as a business card holder? I need to be able to carry at least 30 cards for networking evnets and collecting them. So the little wallets that you can slip a credit card into, don't work since you can only get a few slid in. Just wondering if Chanel made a business card holder?
  2. I use the Cambon CC holder for my business cards and CCs and it works fine. I probably have atleast 20-25 cards at a time. I'm sure any of the CC holder would work.
  3. ChinaLocaChanel -I saw pics of some TPFer's holders. The holder has slots in the front and the back. It looks really thin though. How can you manage to slip into 25 cards? Does it have another compartment?Really curious~

    Question for all holder owners: Do Chanel holders all have the same design? (functionally speaking. Say, #of slots, etc.) TIA:flowers: