Chanel Camellia Thong Flats HELP!

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  1. Gals,for years from now I'm trying to buy Camellia thongs in black - white or white - black combo, don't know why but like I'm cursed, I always stay without them! This year I decided that I'll have them...was in Cannes Chanel boutique and if you can believe or not one russian girl bought last pair in my size! Can you my tpf friends help me find one pair in size 40? PLS :crybaby:
  2. Hi! You can always go to the nearest Chanel Boutique near you and ask them to locate for you (in size 40) and they can transfer. Would take about a week depending on their stock delivery. Then they will call you once its there.
    I got mine, size 41 from Chanel (Brown Thomas) Dublin and it was located and transferred from Chanel in Belgium.
    Hope that helps.
    If not then will try to ask Chanel Dublin (to locate &) to call your boutique (in your city) that they are sending a size 40 for you.
  3. Not sure if you'd want to buy from the US but I know Saks in NYC had a lot of sizes as of last week in all black/gray, black with white camellia and white with black camellia. Oh they also had a pretty all blue one.
  4. Oh my dear friends I live in non EU country and we don't have boutique near ... So when I travel SA don't have enough time to locate and transfer shoes for me! So if you have SA who will send my HG thongs to me :yahoo: let me know! PLS PLS
  5. did you try hirschleifers? they have black on black (with sparkles... so cute) and they ship internationally....
  6. been passing them up too for a while... i wonder how they fit? TTS? they look narrow, though.
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    You can try contacting Jilda Deline at Saks NYC (she works in the designer shoe salon). Her email is and she can be reached at 212 940 4000 ext 2401.

    purse-nality - the fit is fairly tts but you are right that they are quite narrow. That said, I'm usually a 35-35.5 and went with a 35 since the 36 had a bit more at the top than what I felt comfortable with (i.e. I didn't want to trip over them!).
  8. im usually a 36 and had to go up one size to 37 as my heel was at the edge.
  9. I thought to contact hirschleifers, but didn't know who to contact? Do you maybe have someone to recommend?
  10. Yes,TTS but as they are narrow I go half size up and that'll be 40. In ballet flats Chanel ones I'm 39,5.
  11. Yes - I wear a 40 in the ballet flats and needed a 41 in the sandals. OP, Please make sure you try them on!
  12. Ok, today I called almost 15 stores around EU and :crybaby: no there is not one pair in France or Italy SA-s told me that it was for cruise collection and maybe they will got new stock in end of june! I don't understand why they have those in USA and not in EU??? What's the point!?
  13. In France and Italy those thongs were 190 euro or 200 euro, how much are camellia thongs in USA?
  14. I did yesterday! I still wait for her response cos it's weekend so I think monday is the answer day :smile: hope answer will be positive! Thank you so much I'll inform you what I've done!